Dungeon Ruins: The Stygian Ascension

Steve Dolgrim Journal Entry X

We manage to escape. Well not escape but we are free. Shortly after undertaking the Mana Jade’s mission we were captured by Derro. They stripped us of our gear and put us in coffin like boxes. How long we were trapped in these boxes I can not say, months at least. These coffins must have been magically enchanted, because we did not grow hungry, thirsty, nor did our muscles atrophy.

The coffins had a small window in front of our faces. The Derro bastards though it would be fun to face our four coffins towards each other. Though this did allow us to pass the time together. We spent our time playing games of “I Spy” and singing the same dozen songs acapella. Though I suspect some small bit of madness has crept in, we are now a fearsome acapella group.

An earthquake knocked our coffins over and they popped open. We came out of our torpor after a short period. Our gear was in an adjacent room, and none the worse for ware save for a little dust. Shortly after the Derro found us again but another earthquake caused the earth to fall beneath our feet. We landed on, relativly, soft gravel.

There we faced off against a hoard of worms. Their touch shocked us and left strange wounds. Slaying the beasties we found that two of the worms were infact the tentacles of a gigantic worm. When we attacked them the gigantic worm would open an enormous eye. We fought off the worm hoards and kept attacking the giant worm.

Through out the fight strange crystals formed on the battle field. When we touched them they turned to a strange mist and somehow flowed into us. These crystals had a number of beneficial effects. I have dubbed these crystals, Gemeralds.

As we fought the worms the cave crumbled around us. As we attacked the giant worm’s eye it writhed and shook the walls even harder. After landing a number of massive blows on the eye the cave collapsed. We fell for what seemed like an eternity. We had time enough to discuss our situation, a number of other topics, and even a couple of our signature songs. Then darkness.

We awoke on the floor of a room. We were all severely injured and bandaged. We still had our gear but it was apparent that someone helped us. After using the wand to heal the party we began to explore the room. There was an alcove with rough straw beds in one corner. On either side of the room were metal doors. One had a black panel on it. Another had a fine lock on it. There was a strange glass tube on the ceiling. It popped as i approached it. Steve was touching the black panel and it glowed different colors. I approached it and it started to smoke and spark. We decided to go the other door. Steve picked the lock though comment on how fine the lock was. Written on the door was a sur name “SCHLAGE”, perhaps this is his castle. I have no idea what day it is.

The next room had many glass tubes in the ceiling and metal desks strewn about the room. Across the room was a strange laughing goblin. It ran and we followed. Any of the glass tubes that I came close to popped. Each produced a strange white powder and fine glass shards. We pursued the little goblin but lost her.

In the halls we came upon a strange crow person and three wolves. They ran and the crow fired arrows at us, while the wolves fired balls of fire. Steve landed a great blow against the crow person and it cowered in surrender. It spoke to us in a language I did not under stand so I bashed it in the face with the dull side of my sword. Steve cracked it across the face with the flat of his great ax and the crow person fell with a thud.

Steve, Steve, and Steve then pursued the three wolves. Each of them disappearing with the landing of a final blow. The last wolf did not disappear. Instead small metal tubes or roots crawled out of the ground trying to take the wolf corpse. Steve bashed the strange roots and Steve picked up the wolf.

Now we interrogate the Crow.

Steve Dolgrim Journal Entry 07/01/4712

An enigmatic and mysterious figure that calls himself the Mana Jade has employed myself and a handful others. We will soon be entering into training that he says will make us work as a team. It will take a great deal of time and I will not be able to write during this time.


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